The Super American Happy Fund Good-Time Jamband

Listen to some live audio cuts in the lower left column. We will be updating them on a regular basis. Please allow a minute or two to stream these samples. You can also find more audio cuts here :

The Super American Happy Fun Good-Time Jamband…Jam was created in hopes to provide an outlet for some of Chicago’s jamband artists to try to create something new and exciting every Thursday night. They don’t put too much ambitious expectation on themselves, making it a purely fun and enjoyable evening for all involved. On the other hand, all the ever-revolving members are some of the most accomplished jamband musicians in the midwest; therefore, no depletion of any musical element occurs. They have been known to play a samba tune that morphs into a 30 minute jam of what could only be described as guitars swirling like a siren throughout the trembling venue, engulfed in an organic percussive pulse with unlimited possibilities of where it might go from there. You really have to see it for yourself!!

Some of the revolving members consist of musicians who play with Jack Straw, Cornmeal, Speargrass, Leadfoot, Treologic, SeepeopleS, Inchworm, Terrapin Flyer, The Chicago Afrobeat Project etc….

“We starting doing this back in May and we would like to thank all those who have been coming every week and experiencing this magical thing with us. We have been growing in numbers, and we’re beginning to make this a very special thing, Thank you. Who knows where the road will lead us but, I do know that we’re all having a great-great time every Thursday, and we’re taking the music places we didn’t think we could take it, and that is a beautiful thing my friends…”

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