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Playing of an Electric Guitar is becoming more and more popular with the passage of time. You will hardly find any musical gathering or a concert where you do not see an electric guitar out there. More and more people are interested in playing electric guitars as many new comers are taking it as a hobby as well as a profession. Now if you are a beginner and planning to buy best electric guitar under 200 then this article will give you some important tips to help you puchase a good electric guitar.

  1. First and the foremost thing is to research online a bit about the guitars. It wont take too long. You just need to go online on google and search about the basic things of an electric guitar so that when you go out there to buy it, you are confidend and find yourself an informed buyer. Sellers also get cautious when they feel that the buyer knows about the guitar he is going to buy. It really helps you to get a good quality guitar at a competitive rate.

  1. Next important thing is to set a budget for your guitar (Mostly under $200). Fix a budget and go out there to search the one that matches it. As a beginner, you should not be spending too much for your guitar because it is only a start and the more advanced and the costly ones are gonna come once you move forward to master it. So do not get carried away by looking at the modern guitars with good shapes and features. You do not require those at this stage. That is why i am emphasizing in this point that fix a small budget of say around $200 and buy one within in this budget.

  1. Select a guitar which your hands find comfortable to play. This is again important because different people have different hand sizes and if the guitar is not comfortable for the fingers, they find tired and irritated.

  1. Try searching your guitar from a good store. It may cost you few dollars more but will give you a durable one. Remember if you are a beginner, you will try to misuse your guitar a lot and if it is not of good quality, it will be out of order soon. Good reputable stores have good quality items normally and they also give you a refund if you are not getting what you have paid for.

  1. Haste makes waste. Do not rush to buy your guitar. If you do not find a suitable one at one store, go to another. Do not think that that is the last store you are buying from. There are too many with huge variety. So take your time and buy a proper one. One very important tip is that always try your guitar then and there before leaving the store. Sometimes it happens that the item you purchase happens to be faulty and then you have to go back all the way and convince the seller that it was faulty. Try your guitar, play it and check it physically before you leave.

  1. Some people do not like to physically go and shop may be because they are too busy or they simply dont like it. Buying online is a good idea for them. There are a number of online shopping sites which are good as well like amazon, ebay etc. You can simply go on those sites and select the one you need. These sites offer good variety of items at comparable rates. You can compare different makes and models and find the one you need. These online companies also have a refund policy and can give you full refund if the item delivered is damaged or defective. So it is safe to buy from there as well.

  1. If you are an expert or know well about guitar playing then fine else you need to buy electric guitar which carries material about playing tips and techniques. It includes different CDs, online references and booklets. As a beginner, these are your initial teacher to help you learn and play an electric guitar.

  1. Last but not the least, if you are left with some money, do consider buying a guitar case for your guitar. Believe me it is very helpful and protects your guitar for a long time. Guitars are normally sensitive from extreme conditions and if not properly cared, body starts getting cracks and in few weeks the guitar is destroyed. A guitar case not only helps protecting it but also keeps you at ease while travelling. It does not cost much but its utility is great.

These above tips are great if you are buying your guitar either as a professional one or as a beginner. For more information you can read at

Buying a Used Electric Guitar

Undoubtedly, electric guitar is perhaps the most played and liked instruments out of all musical instruments. It is liked by the professionals, starters, children, men, women almost all types of people who have some intrest in music. People are in romance with the top guitarists playing modern guitars and producing rock, pop, Jazz, Rock & roll music. Almost everyone entering this field either as profession or hobby, first tries to get an electric guitar. An electric guitar is mostly made of a solid or a semi-solid body. It uses an amplifier connected through a wire to amplify the sound.

Best eclectric guitar for beginners in 2017  are somewhat more costly than the traditional guitars and this leads to purchase of used electric guitars. Buying a used electric guitar is a good option provided the guitar you are buying is well kept and maintained otherwise it is a total loss. Used electric guitars come into play when either a guitarist stops and leaves it or wants to upgrade his guitar and get an advanced version of it. Since more and more young people are entering into guitar playing as a hobby, there are more chances of people being fed up and leaving it. So when this happens, they are looking to sell their guitar and perhaps try to buy something else. Similarly when guitarists leave this profession and select something else, used guitars are there to be bought. Another important factor is that most of the people do not afford much to spend on buying a new electric guitar and therefore try to buy a used one. This article will give you some important tips which you can keep in mind if you decide buying a used electric guitar. These are:

  1. Try buying a used electric guitar which is well kept and maintained by the owner. A guitar which is in good condition produces a good quality sound similar to the new one and therefore is worth buying it. A general appearance of the guitar gives you good idea how well it was kept. Similarly, if you play it a bit before buying, you can understand its voice quality.

  1. Try buying from individuals if you can rather than buying from a store etc. The one who has used guitar and is now selling it can give you a good idea about the actual condition of the guitar. He can tell how he used and maintained it. Whereas on stores, it simply is a business to sell old items.

  1. If you can arrange, try taking a guitarist with you. He knows well about the inners of the guitar. You can simply judge by the appearance and the visible condition but he can judge it by its performance as well. He can also advise you about the actual price of the guitar that you need to pay keeping in view its condition and performance.

  1. Sellers who have guitar cases with their guitars are normally the ones who have taken care of their guitars and kept these well. So prefer buying from a seller who is offering a case as well. This case will help you to protect it afterwards as well.

  2. Prefer to purchase a new electric guitar if you find a used one for $200 or more. epiphone special ii is a very good option as a new electric guitar under $200
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